Environmental Services

EMCO Oilfield Services has been a leading response partner in the provision of environmental services for the Oil and Gas Industry. As a Country representative for leading brands like Vikoma and SELWOOD, and other OEM producers of Oil Spill Management, we help Organizations respond efficiently to their environmental spill and response.

Our Services

  • Oil Spill Response Services

  • Environmental Assessment, Audit and Studies

  • Waste Management

  • Remediation and Restoration

  • Training

Safety Services

Fire is a leading hazard for Oil & Gas Establishments. EMCO is the country representative for lead Fire trucks, Fire Raiders of South Africa and BAI industrial firefighting vehicles. We provide engineered oilfield trucks from Tiger General

Safety services: -

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Firefighting equipment and consumables

  • Safety Audit and Investigation

  • Training

Engineering Services

1. Facility Upgrade and Maintenance Services

2. Engineering, Procurement, Contruction and fabrication

  • Pipelines and Flowlines Services

  • Gas power plant

  • Onshore and Offshore Structures

  • Storage Tanks and well heads

  • Fixed steel platform fabrication

  • Pipeline leak Repairs

2. Machinery Maintenace and Repairs – Rotating and static

3. Instrumentation and control system

4. Industrial Engineering

  • Plant and Facity 3D Analysis

  • 3D Structural and Heat transfer Analysis (FEA, CFD, and Fatique analysis)

5. Engineering Designs

  • Upstream – Conceptual, FEED and details designs

  • Mid Stream – Flow Stations, Refinery, Gas Plant

  • Industrial – Product Design and Manufacturing

Oilfield Support Services

Emco offers a wide range of Oilfield Services in partnership with our Global OEM partners.

Our strategic oilfield services are solutions that will enable you maximise production and save costs.

  • Drilling, Completion and Production Chemicals Supplies

  • Well intervention and Swabbling Services

  • Crude Oil Dehydration

  • Automatic Dewatering Systems

  • LNG: Virtual Pipeline

General Procurement/Man-Power Support Services