Product Details:


STORM-15 is an acronym for Sludge Treatment and Oil Recovery Machine, the no 15 stands for the processing capacity in m3 per hour [15 m3 / hour].

STORM-15 has been engineered in accordance with the Respective GOST-Norms which are approximately compatible with the OGP-ISO-IEC standards used in the petroleum and natural gas industries, as well as with the machine construction standards as per US API standards.

STORM-15 processes crude oil waste into the compounds of Water processed to sewage quality), Oil (processed to refinery inlet quality) and Solids (processed to landfill soil quality).


Value Proposition

  • STORM-15 offers the best-in-class treatment in crude oil waste in Nigeria. No other service provider offers the eco-friendly and cost-effective hybrid of Solvent Extraction and Bioremediation in treating crude oil waste
  • STORM-15 offers record productivity (up to 15m3/h) of crude oil waste treatment. This is above average of market standard
  • Effective for any types of oil contaminations (both water and soil) including aged sludge and heavy hydrocarbons
  • STORM-15 is adaptive to extreme climatic conditions
  • Mobility and customization of STORM-15 enables it function effectively either in situ” or “ex situ
  • Most waste treatment technologies (furnace, neutralization by encapsulation, dehydration in geotubes) degrade the hydrocarbon contained in the sludge.
  • STORM-15 allows extracting high-quality petroleum hydrocarbons from crude oil waste, without affecting the chemical structure of hydrocarbons


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