At inception in 2003 Emco Oilfield Services Limited committed to contribute to sustainable development and made this commitment a part of the Company’s General Business Principles in all Emco operations.

Local content
We are committed to the development of the Nigerian Content development strategy for the oil and gas industry with the goal of facilitating the development of competencies, capabilities and competitiveness of Nigerian contractors. In this way, we strive to support Nigeria’s industrial development in line with our commitment to Sustainable Development.

We are committed to acquire technology and other international best practices from our partners and transfer this technology and best practices to Nigerians as a contribution to the sustainable development of our host communities and Nigeria as a whole.

Environmental Challenges
Our environmental programme is geared towards reducing the negative impact of our operations on the environment.

Special Initiatives 
Emco has a number of initiatives to increase Nigerian content and assist the development of local contractors. While the company offers opportunities, local contractors must drive the process themselves. 

Emco and the Environment
Our environmental programme is geared towards reducing the negative impact of our operations on the environment. The objective is to painstakingly minimize and, where possible, completely eliminate all negative impacts and footprints, in our collective drive to protect the environment in which we operate.

Our Major Environmental Challenges 
Regulatory standards, Compliance, Oil pollution and Compensation Payment management; Waste management, Rehabilitation of past impacted areas and sites, Improving environmental performance, External certification of our assets, activities and operations.

What we are doing to Manage these Challenges

  • Environmental awareness & education campaigns
  • Effectively managing and responding to oil spill challenges
  • Environmental Assurance & Certification of our activities and operations.
  • Sustaining modern waste management efforts and initiatives 
  • Systematically carrying out remediation of all impacted and polluted sites

Our key values 
In 2006, Emco embarked on a major reorganization exercise to enable us to meet the many targets and commitments involved in moving towards sustainable development. In time, seven core values emerged and were agreed to embody both the personal and professional aspirations of our staff. At the very heart of this newly formalized set of values, was 'leadership' which it was felt could be practiced by everyone in the organization, whatever their role. 

Today, we can look back on that period as a major turning point in the company's history. We can refer to our recent achievements and say that focusing on these values has made an enormous contribution to our success.

The Key Values are: 
Commercial focus 
Honesty and integrity  
Personal development 
Being a good citizen 

Our business principles
Our Principles are part of everything we do. The Emco General Business Principles (EGBP) was revised in August 2005 to take account of our business relationship with the major oil companies.

The Emco General Business Principles have existed in their written form since 2003, and have remained highly consistent ever since, because the core values on which the Principles were originally based have endured. The changes are largely revisions rather than radical alterations as the existing principles still represent the way Emco wishes to do business, but some areas have been strengthened.   

We have eight Principles, which apply to all our business affairs and describe the behavior expected of every employee. The Principles are based on our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. They also indicate how we promote trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what we do. As a company we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen: to listen and respond to all points of view.   

The key changes in Emco and in society that have now to be taken into account in revising the principles this year are:

  • The emphasis on compliance
  • Growing concern about security in the Niger Delta
  • Emphasis on social performance and engagement with communities
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • A focus on dialogue as opposed to the dissemination of information
  • Development of sustainable development principles

All Emco staff and partners are expected to comply with the Principles as a matter of course. In partnership agreements, joint ventures, we use our influence to persuade our partners to adopt and apply principles consistent with ours. We also expect contractors to conform to the Principles in all aspects of their work with Emco companies.   

A principled approach to business is a key to Emco’s long-term success.