SES provides turnkey solutions for the removal of hazardous or dangerous materials from the environment thereby mitigating their effect on public health and safety. Utilizing a range of techniques such as excavation and removal, in-situ treatment, stabilization and bioremediation, SES ensures an effective response to the facility decontamination, underground storage tank decommissioning and site remediation needs of our clients.

Emco are the Nigeria representatives and sole agents of Selwood Limited, UK. Recognized today as one the leading plant and pump rental companies, Emco is currently the No.1 Pump Hirer in Nigeria with unrivalled depth of technical pumping expertise with the largest and most modern fleet.

Selwood has designed and manufactured mobile site pumps since 1955 and now has the quietest and most environmentally friendly pumps on the market with 70% exported through a worldwide distribution network including Emco.

Over the last four years Selwood has introduced a new generation of super silent pumps recognised as the quietest pumps on the market today. These have been specially designed for applications in noise sensitive areas and, with noise levels as low as 58db(A) at full speed and load, are the most environmentally friendly pumps available in the market today.

Lubtech UK appointed Emco as local representatives to supply their range of oil absorbent products. Established in 1997 and head-quartered in Wellington Park, Southampton, UK, Lubtech have grown to become the market leading and nationally accepted brand for spill control products. Lubtech's extensive range includes absorbents, spill kits, drain protection and drum storage products.   
The goal of Emco is to help safeguard the environment by providing a network of complimentary marine orientated services applied with the highest professional standards and business ethics.