Emco is Nigeria's leading supplier of Pollution Control Equipment. Our extensive product portfolio includes a range of oil spill containment booms in high quality neoprene or PU, high efficiency oil skimmers for both marine and industrial situations, a range of work boats and vessels and a full complement of auxiliary equipment, such as storage tanks pumps and hydraulic power packs, IMO Level 1 training courses and commissioning services.


At Emco we are proud of our partnership with Vikoma International (www.vikoma.com) and their long pedigree in the oil spill response industry. Emco is Vikoma's exclusive partner in Nigeria.

Vikoma International Ltd leads the world in the design and manufacture of oil and chemical pollution control systems with a reputation in the global oil spill industry for developing innovative, high performance products to    deal with the full range of oil spill response scenarios.

Vikoma was founded in 1967 by BP (British Petroleum) following the notorious Torrey Canyon oil spill disaster off the South West coast of England. The Company was charged specifically to find ways of dealing with spilled oil.

Since then Vikoma has continued to develop new ways to contain and recover spilled oil, to protect the environment and provide effective options for operators to clean up spills.

The Company continues to strive to develop easy to use, fast, and efficient products which carry on working at high performance levels for years and years.

Vikoma International is the only manufacturer of oil spill response equipment to hold ISO 9001:2000 for the whole process of sales, design, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of oil pollution control systems for containment, recovery and dispersal.

Vikoma’s market leader position is supported by a highly knowledgeable and experienced engineering design team, together with an in-house manufacturing capability and an extensive world-wide sales network. The Company supplies efficient, effective and reliable equipment to satisfy the ever increasing demands of customers around the world. Vikoma supplies equipment to over 120 countries and have wide agent coverage, being represented in over 65 regions.

Our services include:

  • Emergency Response, Management & Clean-up
  • Establishment & Management of Tier 1 & 2  
  • Equipment Rental
  • Response Exercise Management
  • Plan Development
  • Oil Spill Response & Readiness Training

Having responded to series of marine and land-based oil spill incidents, our knowledge and level of experience in the field of oil spill response is unsurpassed. Offering a vast array of specialised response equipment and support from a dedicated team of logistics specialists, spill accountants, and communications experts, Emco is able to respond in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner to incidents wherever they may be in the country.

Emco supports activities such as oil exploration and production, terminal operations, marine salvage and well control through the provision of containerised Tier 1 response packages, response personnel and training.

Emco provides a broad range of oil spill equipment, management, planning and training services that ensure our clients are always prepared for the worst scenario. We work closely with our customers in the design, establishment and operation of their Tier 1 & 2 requirements, tailoring our service to each client’s specific response needs, and local environmental and cultural conditions. Combining proven project management skills and a team with considerable experience, Emco is able to achieve these goals even in some of the more remote and inhospitable locations.

No amount of equipment will adequately prepare you for an oil spill. However, Emco provides our clients with a range of consultancy, training, modeling and audit services that deliver a solid response infrastructure.

In addition to providing emergency response services, we offer clients in the oil, gas, and maritime industries risk assessment services to advise and assist in the determination of appropriate equipment types, stock levels and response measures necessary to protect the environment at, and adjacent to, their facilities and installations. Emco has attended a number of incidents in the region and is an organization recognized by industry as a provider of emergency response equipment and services.