A Message from The Chairman

At Emco, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our relationship with our customers, our employees and our shareholders. That is why I am very proud to introduce our redesigned web site. It has been designed to be a resource for those looking to learn more about our services, our performance and virtually anything else one would want to know about our company.

Please explore our site and learn about ourĀ servicesĀ and initiatives. You will find a common thread in everything we do: we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers achieve long term success. We are developing new technologies. We are convinced that these innovations will have profound effects on the way our customers conduct business in the future.

You will also learn about our commitment to our employees. We are developing unique training programs, ensuring that our people are the best equipped and most motivated force in the field.

Our commitment to fiscal responsibility and complete disclosure has always been a part of the way we run our business, which should make any shareholder confident in these uncertain times.

Emco is committed to developing both the newest technology and the highest standards of employee safety and training, all to provide customers with an unparalleled quality of service and value with their long-term success in mind.

And of course, we remain open to your suggestions should you feel we could improve this website, our company, or the service we provide.

Thank you.

Frank Nwabudike
Emco Oilfield Services Limited