At the center of what EMCO does, is its environmental philosophy and principal, “ return the environment the way you nature intended or better “ leave no footprints. For that reason it’s only natural to partner with a company who shares the same philosophy and principals.


Since 1996, LUBETECH has specialized in the development and distribution of a variety of market-leading absorbents and spill control products, helping industry protect their business and the environment from contamination caused by fluid spills.


LUBETECH is globally recognized, as a critical resource for more than 38,000 companies in 68 countries across 5 continents. Today right across the world, environmental awareness has become mainstream. For many people and businesses the green credentials of the supplier affect the choice of a product or service.


LUBETECH are an integral part of this with EMCO. Since 2008 the partnership’s aims has been to lead and be profitable, we are proud to be among the growing movement of professionals who commit to making a real contribution to the protection of the environment for future generations.