Man Oil Group AG ("MOG") announced, that as of May 2014 they have concluded an agreement with EMCO Oilfield Services Ltd. ("EMCO"), the leading oilfield services company on the Nigerian oil and gas market, to form a joint venture (JV) named EMCO-MOG LTD. The joint venture with 51% EMCO share and 49% MOG share, will be the first significant multi-million investment in Nigeria for the STORM-15 machine to render oil sludge and oil contaminated soil cleaning services. The companies plan to launch operations early next year, in order to treat large volumes of the existing and fresh oil sludge of the multinational oil companies present in Nigeria (Shell, Total, NNPC, Agip, Addax etc.), in an environmentally friendly way.

The beginning of this cooperation will create a solid basis for further projects of EMCO-MOG LTD in the Nigerian market. Nigeria is one of the important strategic markets for MOG, the country is ranked as the 8th largest crude oil exporter worldwide, possessing significant oil reserves. According to a UN message to the Nigerian government in 2011, it will take US$20 Billion within the next 30 years to eliminate the massive environmental damages in the Niger delta region alone. The rise in environmental problem in Nigeria, caused by the regularity of oil spills for many years, is a critical task of the country to deal with.

Genadi Man, MOG President: "We are happy to start business with EMCO in Nigeria - the Nigerian oilfield services company who has serviced the well known clients in the past eleven years. Based on their long term business relationships in Nigeria and their positive market image we expect to take a strong position in this strategically important market."

Paschal Anyanwu, Former EMCO General Manager, had this to say: "In its many years of operations in the oil spill clean up and remediation, EMCO studied many technologies involving oil sludge treatment, which could meet the standards of environmental safety and commercial viability. After trials, tests and negotiations, I was clear MOG was the best globally, so it was a natural progression to decide to start an exclusive cooperation with MOG. The exclusivity of their technology will put us in a unique position in the market place."


Man Oil Group AG performs a large scale complex industrial treatment of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils, with further post treatment of the solid end products to an environmentally friendly standard. The technology is based on the scientific and technical methods which allow MOG to offer the Client a complete and highly efficient solution. The company's demonstrated unique results of oil-waste treatment technology have received a high praise from major market players. MOG strives towards a leadership position in the global market for treatment of oil-contaminated soil and hydrocarbon recovery and providing customers with the highest-quality services. More information is available at


EMCO Oilfield Services Limited, has been in business since Jan., 2003 serving the oil and gas sector in the areas of oil spill response, remediation, waste management, education etc. During this period it has managed to develop a reputation as the gold standard in the industry, accumulating a long list of clients like Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (SPDC), TOTAL, CHEVRON, EXXON-MOBIL, ADDAX, AGIP to name a few. Over these years it has become a leading oilfield services company, evolving by making technology an intricate part of its strategy for growth and expansion.