In order to improve the quality of life in host communities EMCO shall 

  1. Establish a community development programme, which applies world standards of practice to serve its host communities. 

  2. Work in partnership with host communities and where appropriate with government, donors, non-governmental organizations, community-based groups and other stakeholders 

  3. Encourage the full participation of host communities in project planning, implementation and monitoring

  4. Maintain communication with all social segments of host communities in order to address their needs

  5. Focus community development assistance on activities having high impact and broad benefits for the host population

  6. Pay special attention to the most economically disadvantaged social groups 

Community Relations Policy 

In order to pursue mutually beneficial relations with host communities, EMCO shall

  1. Establish and maintain close relationships with all segments of the local population to better understand their concerns, needs and aspirations

  2. Continuously assess and abate the social and economic impact of all business activities and take needed preventive or mitigating measures

  3. Respond to formal community requests in an appropriate and timely manner

  4. Bring relevant issues affecting host communities to the attention of appropriate authorities and other bodies that can be of assistance

  5. Manage the settlement of compensation for land acquired for company operations and for damages in a demonstrably fair, accountable and transparent manner and in accordance with statutory provisions and approved procedure.